Virginia Krewson, LMT

 Virginia Krewson,LMT 

 Looking for the ultimate in body healing then make an appointment today with Virginia Krewson Licensed Massage Therapist. Modalities --Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, Lymph Drainage, Migraine & Headaches, Relaxation, Chair Massage, Trigger Point, Stretching and some Orthopedic Massage.


Benefits of Massage 

- feels so goood
melting your whole being 
into massage table
- stimulates release of endorphins,your body's
natural pain killers
- promotes relaxation,
reducing stress,anxiety,fatigue
- increases blood circulation,nourishing your entire body
- assists lymph circulation,strengthening your immunity
- improves greater joint flexibility and range of motion
- supports athletic conditioning,enhancing performance
- utilized in various type of pain:back pain,headaches,neck pain as well as soft tissue injuries, including:
whiplash,carpal tunnel syndrome,plantar fascitis,sciatica..



$40- 30 Minutes/ $70- 60 Minutes